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  • Books - Reading and Activity books in Spanish for kids 3+. At TOT we also have a great bilingual (Eng/Spa) selection. We are honored to carry the books of María Victoria and Nora Girón-Dolce, two great local authors!
  • Puzzles & Magnets - The process of this work is amazing! There is a design that is glue to the wood, then cut, sanded, painted and varnished. All the work is made by hand with the help of tools and machines.  
  • Hair accessories - A huge variety of hair accessories for babies, girls and grown ups. Headbands, clips, pony tail holders, barrettes and velcro stick items are made out of different materials.
  • Jewelry - Fashion and designers jewelry made out of metal filled or plated, vermeil, sterling silver, 10k gold, brass, crystal, zircon, plastic, clay, precious and semi precious stones, among others. How to take care of jewelry?
  • Toys - Educational and Learning fun toys. Melissa and Doug is one of our favorites brands with its huge variety of toys and crafts and its constant innovation and creativity.
  • Handmade with love - Knitting and sewing. Clay, silver, brass and gold. Wood and aluminium handcrafted. Beads and felt wool. Ribbon,and fabric... Different people, hearts, minds and hands but sharing the passion, love and creativity for their work delivered to you by TOT. Know some of  the great artists!
  • And more - In the searching of unique and great items, at TOT we offer other products such as scarves, wallets, coin purses, items for wine lovers,  colored sand and gravel, greeting cards, rattles, watches for kids, mugs, vases, etc.


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