We are proud of the very talented people we have met on our way. What do they have in common? They are passionate, love what they make and have a lot to share with us


Nora was born in Mexico City Studied Italian Language and Literature at the National University of Mexico. Creative writer, actress, singer and story teller. Author of “Los cuentos para soñar de mi Nana Luna”, and “Diego Bandolero Corazón Aventurero”. Promoter of the beautiful Spanish language and Mexican culture. Currently she lives in Washington State with her best friend, Yves and her mellow dog Chocolat.

Alanstarted to make clay pieces when he was 14 years old after attending a comics and videogames show! He is in his second year of Industrial Design degree and we definitely love his work.


Luna is a graphic designer from Spain and a mom of two girls. After looking for a long time for several baby products with a good quality and affordable prizes she decided to make them herself. Choosing her own fabrics -means using 100% cotton and flannel-, and they are really cute!

Adrianais a graphic designer, artist, writer and illustrator.

She loved so much being a kid that she continues being one at heart, making pretty things that make kids happy.

With a 30 years experience in woodcraving "El Maestro" Rafael works out of his own shop in Mexico City. His love for mathematics has been key in crafting his pieces since the majority follow mathematical proportions. He has developed hundreds of oak and cedar pieces and enjoys teaching young artists.

Bethis a textile artisan who after completing a BFA in painting at the University of Oregon, spent ten years in NYC creating art installations, costumes, and magical items with the avant-garde Gargoyle Mechanique collective. Beth currently creates and sells textile artifacts, that she enjoys since she was old enough to hold scissors.

Teresa started to knit when she was 10 years old after her teacher's friend at school taught the group how to make crafts! She enjoys knitting but also embroidering and with her excellent work and great taste she creates beautiful crafts handmade with love.

María is a Mexican, bilingual author residing in Seattle. Maria’s novels and children’s stories have received numerous awards and have been published internationally. She teaches writing workshops in English and in Spanish and is currently finishing her third novel.

Bárbara is a Mexican jeweler with a background in industrial design. Captivated by the small details of everyday life, she has spent countless hours circling objects, trying to figure out their essence. In her cultural background and training, metals play a significant role, yet she believes that in the realm of objects there are countless other materials worth exploring. Her pieces are feminine and playful, with minimalist and geometric forms, designed to start a conversation and not go unnoticed"